Compile for sightseeing tour packages for Indian parents


Are you looking for sightseeing tour packages for Indian parents. Here are some options I know about:

  • These are the most popular and recommended tour providers in the east coast area. Its important to know that is just an online reservation agency. The actual tour organizers are local tour organizers (mostly Chinese). In some cases, the tour organizers may have heavy Asian accent and parents may have difficulty in communicating with them or understanding the commentary about the places they travel. The food options are usually stopping by McDs, Burger king or any other Asian restaurants. I had asked my parents to carry dry snacks with them as a backup option which was quite helpful. The hotels/accommodations provided are quite decent in most cases. They usually start early at ~ 7AM and try to cover as much as possible throughout the day and it can become tiring with elderly people. However, for the price they offer,it is a good tour. They will make you visit most of the important places with a free tour guide. My parents were able to find company of fellow Indian parents and their trip was quite pleasant. I would recommend using them for east coast tours.
  • They are again an online reservation agency and the tours are actually organized by local chinese tour operators. Their itineraries and prices are very similar to We used them for 6-day West Coast tour covering SFO, Yosemite, LA, San Deigo. As you can imagine, these are quite a lot of places to cover within 6 days. The tour was very hectic as they start early morning and try to cover as much as possible within a day. The hotel accommodations were decent (likes of Econolodge) and food options were not great. Most of the times they stopped at Asian cuisines or Subway. The price was too attractive for me to give it a try. The entire package costed me around $500 per head for 6 days. Apart from couple of goof ups, the tour was good. Do read the fine print before booking, especially understand what is covered and what is not. Your parents will be surprised to find out that entry tickets to most of the tourist places are not covered.
  • Openwinds is a popular tour operator known to organize all-Indian group tours designed exclusively for the Indian community in US. Their tour managers and guides speak Hindi as well as English (and Telugu in some cases). Parents can enjoy the company of fellow Indian travelers who are mostly parents visiting USA. Tours depart twice a week from New York (east coast tours) and Las Vegas (west coast tours) and include private airport transfers, breakfasts, daily hot veg/Jain dinners at Indian restaurants and accommodation at premium hotels like Hilton, Sheraton and Marriott. In addition, the group usually stops at rest areas/food courts where they can buy their own lunches from a choice of international vegetarian options such as pizzas, burgers, Mexican, etc. The tour price includes entrance tickets for all sightseeing attractions mentioned in the tour highlights. However, it does not include the cost of lunches and cost of domestic flights (private airport transfers are covered though). Once you book the tour, book a flight from your home airport to reach New York (for east coast) and Las Vegas (for west coast) by 4 pm on the day of the tour. The East and West coast tours are also available as private van tours for Indian families and friends who would like a relaxed paced tour with their own group. One of the disadvantages of booking with OpenWinds is that their booking process is mostly offline and you should get in touch over phone or email to book a tour. If you need more details or their contact email, feel free to contact me here.
  • Kesari Travels: They organize tours from India (starting in Mumbai), but they have an option to join the group in New York too. They exclude the international travel fares from those prices and you can fly in to New York the same day as they land. The tours starts next morning. They have vegetarian food options and Indian tour guides in most cases. They are however priced significantly higher than
  • Cox&Kings: Like Kesari travels, they too organize tours starting from India (Bangalore). They do allow people to join the group in Los Angeles and exclude the international airfare from their price. It includes Indian veg meals on all tour days. Their 12D/11N USA Fiesta tour is quite popular and better priced to similar tours from Tours4Fun and Openwinds. You can find their tour itineraries on their website but you should get in touch with their executive if you want to book it from LA. Email me at if you need their contact.


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